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A Message From Roberta

It is time.

I have been an entrepreneur, business owner and aesthetician for more that 40 years, and with Owen’s help, we have built something special at Nanaimo Elements. I love my business, my staff, and my wonderful, loyal clients. As my family expands, it is time for me to start easing into retirement.

This has been a surprisingly difficult process for me as I have my father’s entrepreneurial spirit; so much of my life has been devoted to owning my own business and providing services to people who are far more than customers. These relationships mean a lot to me – so much so – that I have held on through the unprecedented challenges of running a business during the pandemic. But the arrival of my latest grandbaby Maisy has underscored the need to change my focus and start the next phase of my life.

Being conflicted is human – close friends and family have urged me to see this change as cause for celebration, and as the day gets closer, I’m sure that will become easier.

I invite interested parties to contact me if they wish to purchase Nanaimo Elements. We are successful, consistently profitable and have built a reputation for excellence in this industry – in fact, our margins have improved to pre-Covid levels despite our “keep it small” approach of the past two years. We have a large and committed clientele, wonderful staff who would be willing to stay on should a new owner step forward, and tons of potential for expansion. Our spa is beautiful and ready for the right person to step up and take over the reins – and I would love to stay on in a modified role.

Please view this post for more information.



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