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Berta's Message for December 2020

Christmas at Home

2020 has been a difficult year; so, as it draws to a close, let us remember to show each other loving-kindness and take stock of life’s many blessings.

Like many parents, Owen and I are anxiously watching the news as it relates to travel and social restrictions in the hope that we will be able to spend Christmas at home with our children and their spouses—but if it is not possible, we will find a way to make that loving connection.

All of us are spending more time at home these days, which provides a wonderful opportunity to take care of our physical selves. Tina and I are trained in traditional European aesthetic treatments, which are focussed on the health and care of the body, feet, hands, and skin.

We encourage our clients to attend to themselves by looking and touching their bodies while applying product. Be aware of changes, celebrate your own unique self, and notice your health and beauty.

We may not be able to be with our loved ones in the same way this year, but we can engage in all-important self-care routines.

I wanted to thank everyone again for their support in 2020. In the face of unprecedented challenges, our wonderful Elements clients and staff have been here for us, and Owen and I are profoundly grateful.

My tradition is to say “Merry Christmas” —but whatever your heritage, please have a wonderful holiday season!



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