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Community Giving: Loaves and Fishes

Our charitable giving plan at Nanaimo Elements includes a generous annual donation to Loaves and Fishes, and we wholeheartedly recommend supporting them any time of year.

We love the fact that they are providing food resources to local families in need, and that they operate in such an effective and efficient manner.

Here’s a message from a local person who is helped every week, reproduced as written. The message included a picture of a lovely, healthy meal prepared from the donation he or she collected, and it is a lovely reminder of how we can all impact the needs of our local community.

“Thank you for the food I receive every week…been going to your food bank at various churches over the last 4 years. This last year the food has been amazing and I am so grateful for it…I am on disability and could not afford to each such healthy veggies every day without your food banks…I just wanted to let all the people who participate in getting this wonderful food out to the people in the community and other parts of this Island…your efforts do not go unnoticed! So from the bottom of my heart thank you and I am grateful for each and every one of you…here’s a photo of what I am blessed to eat almost daily that Loaves and Fishes provides me…sending my love”

Currently, Loaves and Fishes' New Year, Fresh Start Campaign is a great opportunity to get all donations matched by a local credit union.

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