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Divine Intervention Healing Sessions

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Kjirsten Sigmund, an Internationally renowned Master Consciousness Teacher and Healer. Kjirsten will be offering Divine Intervention Healing Sessions at Nanaimo Elements on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Roberta has enjoyed working closely with Kjirsten and experiencing these sessions herself. She believes these sessions can provide a life changing experience. Please join us in welcoming Kjirsten to Nanaimo Elements!

Each session is one hour:

  • Initial Consultation: $250 plus tax

  • 5 Session Package: $1100 plus tax (Savings of $150)

Divine Intervention (DI) is an ancient Shamanic Healing Technique passed down through an unbroken lineage of master healers from Mexico and South America. It is the manipulation of energy throughout the physical and etheric bodies by calling in source to intervene on behalf of the healee.

From a spiritual perspective, DI is one of the most sacred prayers known. From an Energetic perspective, it is a powerful way to harness and direct electrical and magnetic energy in all levels of the physical and etheric bodies. Through DI, we can isolate what is devitalizing to the body. In DI, one calls upon precise dimensions and frequencies when calling on the Divine to intercede.

The results can be seen in both the physical manifestation of the body while the healee experiences harmony and balance. This process of self-realization is facilitated with outer guidance. Developing our capacity to provide this outer guidance for others is at the core of what all of Kjirsten's work aims to support.

The ancients took a lifetime to learn these teachings. We now live in a world that vibrates at an ever higher and faster rate. These teachings and transmissions come through in every interaction and one-on-one session with Kjirsten.

Contact 250-585-8768 to book your initial session. If you have any questions about Divine Intervention, please contact Kjirsten at For Kjirsten’s bio, please click here.

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