Gift Card Policy Update

Effective November 25, 2021: Gift Cards are re-instated at Nanaimo Elements!

April 2021 Update

We are happy so many of you are redeeming Gift Cards! To help us serve you best under the current restrictions, we are implementing a few changes:

Want to Redeem Your Gift Card? Please Bring Your Gift Card with You: We can no longer redeem Gift Cards at your appointment unless you have the physical Gift Card with you. Please let the Reception Team know when you book your appointment that you have a Gift Card to redeem.

Lost Your Gift Card or Unsure If You Have A Card/Credit? Please let us know at least 24-hours prior to your appointment so we have sufficient time to confirm the details. If you do not provide sufficient notice, we will not be able to apply or process a lost Card at your appointment and instead, we will note it on your file for your next appointment.


Effective November 1, 2020, Gift Cards will no longer be available for purchase at Nanaimo Elements. We will continue to honour outstanding Gift Cards and accommodate, to the best of our service providers' availability, existing Gift Card holders' appointment requests.

Why This Change?

With changes to spa operations and protocols related to the pandemic, our service providers are near capacity, which impacts our ability to offer service appointments in a timely manner, especially for new clients. From an ethical perspective, selling a Gift Card that may be difficult to use is unacceptable to us.

Honouring Existing Gift Cards

Existing Gift Cards that were purchased for dollar amounts will continue to be honoured.

Gift Cards purchased toward specific services normally expire six months after the date of purchase. Because of the pandemic and related shutdown, we will not be expiring Gift Cards for services until 2021, and the six month expiration period has been doubled to a full year from the date of purchase.


We encourage clients with existing Gift Cards to consider applying them toward product purchases.

For gifting, we excel in providing custom product packages for any budget. Contact us to arrange your gifts.

Thank you!

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