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Laboratoire Dr Renaud

The Laboratoire Dr Renaud (LDR) skin care line unites the science of dermatology and the practice of professional aesthetics. I received my initial training and was certified as an aesthetician in 1981 from the Vancouver Vocational Institute when the industry was appropriately regulated and certification was required to practice aesthetics in BC. The LDR line was used in this training program and I have been a user and advocate of the line ever since. Even in the early days as a young woman starting out in the industry, I have consistently been one of the top sellers of LDR in BC.

In many ways, LDR reflects my own sense of appropriate and effective skincare. LDR is only available through a limited number of certified institutes and dermatologists. The line contains medical grade products at a much higher concentration and efficacy than retail skincare, and must therefore be distributed only by properly trained and certified aestheticians or physicians.

LDR believes that 50% of success in skin care relates to superior product and the other 50% to professional aestheticians, and because of this philosophy, they are committed to supporting us through ongoing training and development.

LDR has been a leader in cosmetology for more than sixty years and I love the fact that they manufacture all of their products in Canada. They rely on research and innovation to remain at the forefront of the industry with the highest performing products. Thanks to their scientific approach, this brand is a leader in the world of beauty. Driven by their passion and constant quest for innovation, LDR’s Research & Development team is totally dedicated to the advanced study of the skin.

To this day, Dr. Renaud’s spirit of innovation and the respect his name evokes continue to inspire us and set us apart from the competition. The Laboratoire Dr Renaud brand stands out now more than ever because consumers are seeking products with medical credibility.

- Roberta

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