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Meet Kjirsten

Kjirsten is offering Divine Intervention Sessions as a part of our Wellness & Holistic Services community. For more information, please contact Kjirsten.

Kjirsten is known internationally as a Master Consciousness Teacher and Healer in many lineages who is in the pursuit of true liberation and freedom for all beings in humanity.

A Canadian born master spiritual teacher and healer who has been teaching for more than 15 years, Kjirsten’s healing classes are world-renowned and her unique teachings include evening talks, weekend intensives, seminar events, silent retreats, live internet broadcasts, and online courses. Kjirsten teaches transformation to every level of student, from novice to seasoned professional.

In addition to a degree in Human Kinetics, Kjirsten combines her decades of study with a wide-range of spiritual teachers, mystics, North and South American shamans, yogis, Tibetan, buddhist, and yogic masters, and several fully enlightened beings with a focus on meditation, transformation, mysticism, shamanism, higher consciousness, metaphysics, quantum physics, neuroscience, and positive psychology.

She is the creator of the ground-breaking program "Uncommon Wisdom" which translates ancient wisdom into modern day teachings for spiritual liberation as well several unique seminar experiences including “Manifestation the Mystics Way” and the powerfully transformative breathwork training program “The Shine of Happiness”.

Her classes and personal sessions are rich in humour, insight, and technical teaching. She is gifted with an ability to help people transcend unconscious limitations and find more inner-peace and joy in their lives.

Conveying key spiritual principles with a distinct clarity and wisdom enables frequent epiphanies in others during each interaction with Kjirsten. She creates a sacred space in which she works multi-dimensionally to manifest the greatest transformational change within every student's vast consciousness.

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